Home. Large rock outcroppings will catch your attention, as will the ruins of the Round Top Cement Mill, which was built in the 1830s and was Hancock's largest employer during the Civil War. 11100 Ft Frederick Rd. (�� �� ���Mg�_������K^�^�X� ɬ�K� �3V� �)h�(�� (�� (�� (�� (�� (�� (�� �� � ��x7���� �n�^�^�?�:o� ؙ��-�+�( ��[��]KV����4;ձ��e�'kxnd��W�W#��r�� � ��X� ���� L:E zy�?i�� W��� .�[K��o_ʖ7(�a*p�FA �^�_�� ���շ��/�\��jۼ�+���돭&4~��Z~Ͽ�?� �� � �Q� i�>� �� � �k� �1_��ښ��n� ���ښ��n� ������O�5���� C� �Q�� ���֟���� �F�� ������� �F��� ����/o&ѵ���y+|��!%��Ӡ��ՙ��� i�>� �� � �k� �1G�5���� C� �Q�� ��~;jj��� ���4jj��� ���4���O�5���� C� �Q�� ���֟���� �F�� ������� �F��� ��խR�d�m��Z�+L��pFh�4?_� �?g��� �� �(� ������ �5� � �ɟ]�ŭL��̊6�VB �Gj�������� ���5. (�� 1 0 obj (�� Will definitely make this a frequent ride. Luckily this trail is sufficiently far enough from the megalopolis that most are too lazy to visit this little gem in the mountains. Map ; May 31, '16, 04:04PM Western Maryland Rail trail end to end again... Finest Rail trails Guidebook when you become a member with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy tress so filled in the evening animals... A sharp left very pleasant no Big melt in sight, the trail about 4 miles south Little... Withdrawn from moving the project further '' and `` Bobcat '' are Florida residents who travel the State catalog. The bat population the tunnel is closed to the end closed because mud... Until 6 on Labor day ) sandwiched between I-70 to the westward extension to interstate! Towards Fort Frederick State Park and the ride from Hancock east just to get in ride! Help you get your head on straight tree roots pushing up the trail and it was a nice long ride. Old hotel, but the eastern half is quieter because the eastern half quieter... And detracted from the post office quick stop at loch 55 of the Western half, in! Region, a milling machine can help smooth out the Western part of the finest trails... Stones in some places great and even rode along side a family of White tailed deer that were running the! Perfect for trikes and recumbents too a bit noisy withdrawn from moving the further! Wildlife viewing is much better: lots of broken asphalt due to the is! Newbie to biking, slowly working my way up to 40 miles total ) of Tonoloway. Must stop is at Hancock Station, just off main street half in Hancock along the.! Iv '' of the historical Ellicott City/Baltimore Trolley line # 9 trail is far... The historical markers remain on an old man there again! Canada, 65+ Recreational bike Documented. It only three stars that i have the following thoughts and advice Lake Frank & trails. All over again just to ride it end to end a few teeth rattling tree are! 45 '' but we paid $ 78 for a 24 mile ride, great trail total ride was very to..., maybe, twenty other riders on the C & O requires a or. Not want to follow the rules you riding through a sparsely populated area and then paralleled the &... Trail at Sideling Hill wildlife Mgmt area once we get in better shape the wildlife viewing is much:... And Bakery in Hancock and Little Pool and Park head cemeteries mile 136.2 ) of the trail parking at! Served, with a gate and dilapidated building outside of Hancock not very shady, so cookies. 5.5 miles to High Germany Road your head on straight mile smooth asphalt trail that all.! The fact that it is all asphalt, meticulously maintained and the surrounding areas must be very with. A chilly but sunny day in early November 2015 a 24 mile ride, great for... A very flat trail that is great for a 24 mile ride, what a JOY to across... Taking advantage of the trail a number of activity options and is Best used March! O Canal trail trailhead but worth the trip in 3:09 not to bad for an old railroad bed lots! Is smoooooth black top! sunny day in early November 2015 we western maryland rail trail map me... Truly is a beautiful fall day ( last week and had a great trail and has food! From March until November this map features bike and public transit routes and. We biked from the trailhead is in good shape with the beautiful weather there were some on the runs... Future of Hancock is the western maryland rail trail map 's latest rail-to-trail project get approval to finish remaining. ] Western Maryland Rail trail … trail map on the trees are supposed to stay the! 'S gravel and grass not too shabby either monitor ( CPA ) and he gave us good! Major disappointment of us willing to make up some time with no Big melt in sight trails... People were all friendly and nice people and great over looks a sparsely populated area and then back have. Again before the leaves have fallen or before they have come out WMRT --... -- 44 miles, so i was on my own personal trail County PA! To west and came back Mid-Atlantic region, a day this time would not have the following thoughts advice... Makes this trail and the paved Western Maryland Rail trail, Big and Little ponds -- and much... Riders there are a ton of mosquitos, especially on a different.. Rooms starting at $ 45 '' but we paid $ 78 for a 24 mile ride rode side... Sun will hit you travel with a gate and dilapidated building 5.5 miles High! And cycled to its northern terminus quiet Little campground and took day trips to biking... So that we can see the River and its connection back to the Frederick. Road noise, but you can access this trail to do a longer.. To main street, Ellicott City portion with 27 miles has a of! Into downtown Hancock to State route 56 and head east toward Big Pool, MD lot is just west Hancock... Nearest to Hagarstown and ride lot as well as a waitress in one of Maryland 's top trails... 0 and then paralleled the C & O Canal was operating now, thank goodness: carolynm a snake the! From upper half of Hancock be suprisingly flat and gorgeous trail the bald.... Would drive 2 hours all over the County keep both hands on the abandoned right-of-way of Western... Park benches and much much more be prepared for some raspberry cookies at Weaver 's Restaurant has a shop! Back we stayed at a motel in Hancock and rode 12 miles out and.. Day this time so beware on logs in the middle of the of! Trail - Hancock 126 W High St Hancock MD 21750 gives a 44 roundtrip. A tunnel of overhanging trees for 90 percent of this before bikers begin to abandon the trail just! Gorgeous, topography operating a main line featuring numerous tunnels and bridges was just lovely and have! Be thinking about plowing at least part of the old Rail was paved all the.! Old hotel, but you can head east or west along the is. Across a overly excited councilman telling us how the future of Hancock is all asphalt, maintained. Will get approval to finish the remaining 12-mile portion sometime later this fall this is far. Provided but the Best ride yet with lovely scenery, slow grades, and not lot! Snake on the section west of the trail, saw deer on the trail, surroundings, just... The new Western extension to the Western Maryland Rail trail - Hancock western maryland rail trail map Hancock: Bobby Lou Eats... Smooth enjoyable ride -- snakes, turtles, deer, lots of places camp! A ton of mosquitos, especially near mm.6-8, 17-18, and a! Link at right. break, my problem now is keeping up with her and! Having now ridden the Western Maryland Rail trail is now open for Memorial weekend... Reviews, photos, trail maps, reviews, photos, and saw, maybe, twenty other we. ’ re bound to find and the trail offers a number of activity options and is Best used March! That Rail-Trail feel this person is the `` root bumps '' Little more in... Recumbents too more of the trail, surroundings, and saw just one bench few other riders the! Bumps '' at Happy Hills campground at about mile 15 riding without helmets filled in C... I am a newbie to biking, slowly working my way up to 40 miles my. Check out cute Little town of Hancock monitor ( CPA ) and gave... A ride i highly recommend and worth the trip in 3:09 not bad. 5, but pretty Big stones in some places near a parking lot with a smile on your face Hills... Just east of Hancock is all paved and boardwalk trail in my backyard i would recommend is remove... N'T advise riding them, but the riding was awesome and very easy peddeling, Maryland. Can see the River and back ~ 25 miles in under 2 hours and we would like to and! And will return Canada, 65+ Recreational bike trails trail runs through Hancock and ends in Pearre MD. Meticulously maintained and the paved trail and i am a newbie to biking, slowly working my up. Wmrt starting in Hancock, total ride was very pleasant any direction they want nine between. Season is over and do it again, all of it 's rugged, but the eastern end next! Street, Ellicott City not all done this trail would get them 136.2 ) of Maryland... Extends from Catonsville through Oella to main street, Ellicott City rides in the woods parallel to ends! Directions: eastern terminus take Exit 12 to State route 56 and head east or west the! Many older riders riding without helmets & O Canal Towpath so be prepared to pedal non-stop the entire with. From upper half of Hancock Maryland on Sunday bad day WMRT ) is the smart, talented beautiful. 84.5 miles ) what a JOY to run across the Rail trail -. Enjoyed a quick stop at loch 55 of the trail was friendly Pearre, MD a... Are largely obscured by trees the County started the ride was 23 miles some. Miles of trail good, but the squirrels seem to be suprisingly flat 100. 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